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Upchurch Plumbing, Inc. (UPI) was founded in April of 1970 in Greenwood, MS by Mr. Vennis Upchurch.  For the first 25 years, UPI mainly performed work in the Delta region of Mississippi. This consisted of a 60-mile radius of the headquarters in Greenwood, MS.  Until 1990s, the typical projects included small commercial buildings, design build jobs, schools, hospitals, factories, and many others.  

During the mid-1990s, UPI grew its portfolio substantially by installing the plumbing and mechanical work for several casino projects across the State. When casino industry began to slow, UPI changed its direction and grew its portfolio by working on several Federal and State Projects throughout the South Eastern United States.  

Due to their continual growth, UPI has grown to become one the largest Mechanical Contractors in the State of MS with offices in Greenwood, MS, Ridgeland, MS, and Jackson, TN.

Sadly, Mr. Vennis Upchurch passed away in 1997.  However, his legacy and values are continued by his four children who now own and operate the company: 

Robbie Upchurch – President

Mike Upchurch – Vice President

David Upchurch – Treasurer

Cindy Hawkins – Secretary

Robbie, Mike, David, and Cindy have participated in responsibility roles within the company starting in back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. By continuing the hard work and dedication that Vennis Upchurch instilled in the company back in 1970, UPI has become one of the best quality Mechanical Contractors in the Southeastern United States.

Still today, Upchurch Plumbing, Inc ( continues to grow their mechanical business across the southeast by reinvesting to better serve their client base.

In 2001, Upchurch would purchase a local rental equipment company. This company still serves the Greenwood and surrounding areas, and still remains part of the Upchurch Companies (  This company serves the Greenwood area for small tools, equipment, wedding and party items.

In 2002, Upchurch would develop a service company to better service their clients (post project). Upchurch Services performs HVAC and plumbing service work mainly for commercial and industrial customers, and originally started in Oxford, MS (

In 2004, Upchurch would purchase controlling interest in Moses Electric Inc. Moses is headquartered in in Jackson, MS with offices in Gulfport, MS and Pensacola, FL. This acquisition would be beneficial for both parties. Upchurch and Moses have worked along-side each other for a number of years. Under the leadership of William Hux and his management team, Moses has 167 (in 2004) field employees working for them. For more information, you can visit our hyperlink (

In 2006, Upchurch Services would relocate to Horn Lake, MS to better serve a variety of Commercial and Industrial Customers.  Upchurch Services has become one of the premiere commercial service companies serving the state of MS, Western TN, and Eastern Arkansas.

In 2007, while Upchurch Services is still headquartered in Horn Lake, they would open an office in Jackson, MS in 2007. With this new office, Upchurch Services  would operate 75 service trucks and 80 field employees working mainly in MS, western TN, and eastern AR.

During the period of 2013 through 2015, Upchurch undertook a period of great change and growth. Several new divisions were created to better serve the needs of our growing customer base, and some key acquisitions were made to expand our service offerings.

In 2013, Upchurch Plumbing expanded into Jackson, TN with developing dba Upchurch Mechanical. This office specializes in design/build work across the United States. Upchurch Mechanical has the capability to meet with General Contractors, Engineers, and Owners to bring a lot of value and experience to the meeting.

In 2014, Upchurch Industrial was developed by the acquisition of Jones Brothers, Inc. JBI was in business for 32 years, and was located in Horn Lake, MS. Upchurch Industrial continues to service its Industrial Clients in the Greater Memphis Area. (

In 2015, Craft Croswell became part of the Upchurch Companies. Craft Croswell is a full-service, commercial flooring contractor. Their Team of experience staff delivers comprehensive floor covering solutions including carpet, resilient, porcelain, stone, and more. With over 40 years of experience, and multiple locations, Craft Croswell is a single source for your commercial flooring needs. Feel free to visit their incredible showroom and experience staff. For more details, see their website (

In 2015, Upchurch generated a division of specialty division of pipe coatings. This division of Upchurch is Lining and Coatings Solutions ( This company performs a variety of specialty trenchless options for failing pipe systems. For more details, see hyperlink.

In 2016, Upchurch started an Upchurch Mechanical Service Department operating in the Jackson, TN area. This focus is mainly suited for small projects for existing customer base.

In 2017, Upchurch acquired Hermetic-Rush, which expanded Upchurch Service territory through the Hattiesburg, MS area. Along with continual growth from Upchurch Services, this acquisition increased the Upchurch Services personnel to ~180 Field Employees.

With new businesses and expanding businesses, the 2018 year was very busy within the realm of Upchurch Companies.

In 2018, Linings and Coatings Solution would expand their footprint in the Tampa, FL region. This would serve to open more opportunities in their marketplace.

In 2018, Upchurch Environmental was created to better serve the needs of our existing Industrial Clients. While headquartered in Horn Lake, Upchurch Environmental serves an existing Client base throughout the Tri-State Region.

In 2018, Upchurch Companies acquired MISSCO Interior Concepts, LLC. This acquisition will bring sales staff over the states of Mississippi and Arkansas. For more information, feel free to visit

In 2019, Upchurch Services opens a residential service opportunity in the greater Memphis Area. This was opened due to the high demand of a need for a dependable, high-quality service organization to continual service the people.

With the many divisions, Upchurch Companies ( is a complete contracting business including an automated fabrication sheet metal shop located in Greenwood, MS.  With their different divisions, Upchurch can provide a Client a full-service company that can design and install the Mechanical, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical and leave them with a Service Agreement afterward. This full MEP service can come from a Single Source of management, which will assist in all phases of a project.

Everyone involved recognizes the benefit of working with the Upchurch Companies starting with the design phase, throughout the construction period, during the close out portion of the project, and ending with the warranty period.  A full-service firm that can provide all of these services, while also providing a safe working environment, outstanding quality, a sound reputation in the industry, and a solid history of completing projects on time is truly a valuable asset on any project.